In-company Engels
    80 sessies

    5,324.00 €
    Learn English in a calm and inspiring environment, far away from the hectic city life. Language Teams offers practical immersion courses in Vittefleur, Normandy. Our linguistic program consists of sessions general and professional communication - giving presentations, elevator pitch, attending a meeting, telephone calls, writing e-mails, small talk with clients, negotiating - customized to different fields of expertise: Sales & Consultancy, HR & Personnel administration, Healthcare, Tech, Assurances, Finance. Private sessions, e-learning, morning & afternoon sessions in small groups, linguistic excursions, language@lunch, breakfast sessions & conversation tables are included in the program.
    Our language trainings for professionals take place in very small groups (2-8 participants)
    We offer a full English program
    8h30-9h15: Breakfast with the teacher
    9h30-11h30: Morning sessions - General communication
    12h00-13h00: Language@lunch
    13h15-16h15: Afternoon sessions - professional communication/linguistic excursions
    16h15-17h15: Private sessions - tailored language skills training.
    18h00-19h00: Speak and dine
    19h30-20h30: Evening conversation
    Language teacher of your choice
    Training adapted to the needs of your company
    1 session takes 60 minutes