Terms and conditions Language Teams – English

    Art.1 : Duration

    Language Teams offers online language courses in small groups (3-6 participants). Our in-person and online language courses takes place over the course of 1 or 52 weeks. Our small group classes take place between 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM or between 6:30 and 8:00 (CET Time). The time slots, and start dates are communicated on our website. Please note that for organizational reasons, both the timing, the start date and the end date may differ from the info on our website. Language Teams tries to keep these differences as minimal as possible. The schedules for private and business language classes will be created in common agreement.

    Art 2 : Registration


    After registration, and at the latest, during the first lesson, the clients will have an oral interview during which knowledge of the target language will be evaluated. Language Teams organizes groups per language level. The school reserves the right to tolerate a level difference as minimal as possible amongst the participants of each group.


    The student will be scheduled in after registration and will be able to choose the language courses of his level and the time table of his preference before registration. The selection and assignment of the language teacher for the student shall be at the sole discretion of the school. The student acknowledges and agrees that they do not have the right to choose the language teacher, except in the case of private lessons. In the event that the student has purchased private lessons, the school reserves the right to take into consideration the student's preferences when assigning a language teacher for such private lessons, to the extent feasible within the constraints of available resources and scheduling considerations. If the school has not appointed a teacher within two months after registration, the student will be reimbursed for the registration fees he/she has paid to the school.

    Art. 3 : Payments


    The prices stipulated on our brochures, websites and documents are valid for a period of 30 days.


    For one-time purchases, the student is to pay the total amount due at the latest 30 days before the first lesson, as mentioned in article 1, or on the day of registration if his/her language course starts within 30 days via the online webshop of the school:


    In case of late payment by the student within the time limits laid down in this article, the amount due will be increased in accordance with the law and without default notice with the legal interest rate of 4% .

    In case of default of payment by the student, the amount due shall by right and without

    notice, be increased by a lump sum penalty compensation of 15% with a minimum of 60 euros, without prejudice to the right of the school to claim a higher indemnity if the damage exceeds the amount of the present penalty clause.

    If the school is in default of paying the amounts due to the student in the prescribed time, the school therefore also be required to pay late payments and the amount of the penalty payments described above, provided the student provides to the school the reference of bank account where the amount is to be paid.

    In case of default of payment by the student in the time limits prescribed in this article, the school can forbid admission to the course until the amount requested is paid. The lessons missed will be neither replaced nor reimbursed.

    Our classes start up every Monday. The deadline for registrations is on Friday at 5:00PM. If your payment is finalized after 5:00 PM you will automatically be registered for the language course starting one week later.


    For monthly subscriptions: The student will be paying a monthly fee by credit card payment. After initial enrollment, if your credit card expires, is cancelled, is lost, or rendered invalid, your subscription is in danger of termination. You will be contacted and given the opportunity to change your registration data. If your credit card is not successfully recharged and you are not renewed successfully, your subscription will be terminated.

    Language Teams fees are exclusive of any applicable VAT or taxes, interest or installment fees charged by the credit card company, or other fees associated with connecting to the Internet.

    Language Teams guarantees that every credit card transaction you make at Language Teams is 100% secure.

    Your language course contains live teacher-led classes. Group and private classes are delivered on a "class credit basis", giving you access to the stated amount of group classes and private classes that your language course offers. You can always find current prices of our language courses posted in the checkout pages and on other pages of our website.

    All language course fees are recurring and non-refundable after your purchase. If you do not cancel your language course 25 days before the start of each new monthly cycle, you agree to the automatic extension of your language course for the same time and the same terms. If you do not wish to continue your language course, you have to give us a written (email) notice.

    Art 4 : Presence


    The lessons will take place at 43 Rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris, France or online. Schedules and location of the classes will be communicated by mail at the latest 2 days before the start of the classes. The school reserves the right to replace face-to-face lessons with videoconference lessons for any given reason. Our virtual and face-to-face classrooms will be available 5 minutes before the beginning of each session.


    In-company classes and private classes with a tailored lesson schedule will be scheduled at the latest 30 days after the school has received a signed quote/contract.

    Language trainings in small groups take place from 3 to 8 students. If one week before the first lesson, fewer than five students are registered for the same cycle, the school may decide to replace the dates of the classes if it considers that the number of students enrolled in the course is insufficient, in which case it is obliged to notify the students at the latest, two days before the date of the first class of the cycle. The starting dates of our cycles are clearly mentioned on our website. The school may however also decide to reduce the number of hours of the course if the number of students registered for the class is insufficient, in which case the school also notifies the students at the latest 2 days before the date of the first class: 75% of the normal duration in case of 3 or 4 students, 50% in case of 2 students and 25% in case of 1 student.


    Art 5: Cancellation

    Cancellation policy: The client can only cancel his/her course if he/she notifies the language school before the beginning of his/her course/language stay and only via e-mail to: hello@languageteams.com . He/she will be reimbursed the balance of 60% of the total amount when he/she cancels his/her language course or stay more than 30 days before the beginning of his/her language course/stay, 40% when he/she cancels between 30 and 21 days in advance, 20% when he/she cancels between 20 and 10 days in advance, 0% when he/she cancels less than 10 days in advance.


    Article. 6: Privacy & Publicity

    6.1 Privacy & GDPR

    Language Teams collects the personal information you provide when you contact us, if you sign up for one of our language courses or when requesting a quote. Finally, we keep an overview of messages that you send us by e-mail. We collect customer information in our CMS-system. There we store the customer name, name and address details (name, address, possibly website, telephone number, e-mail). In addition, we also store your company and invoicing data and invoices. Contact details provided by exchanging business cards or by telephone contact, can be stored.

    If you use our website, please note that we may also record the parts of the website you visit and information about your computer. Such as the browser used, your network location, the type of connection you use (e.g. broadband, ASDL, etc.) and your IP address. We do this by using cookies (although the information we collect through our cookies remains anonymous, so we cannot say who you are).

    6.2 Publicity

    If you participate in the language courses, photographs/videos of the sessions can be taken for public/commercial purposes. If you do not wish to be drawn, you can make this known by simple request by mail. In that case, the photographer will not or will not photograph you in a known way.


    Art.7: Absence


    By absence, it is understood that the participant is/participants are not present at the beginning of class. In case of absence in a small group class, the small group lessons missed will be neither replaced, nor reimbursed. A private class or an intra-company class can be rescheduled if the client notifies the school at least 24 hours before the start of a class (not counting weekends and bank holidays)


    In case of absence, the student must inform the school as soon as possible, and at the latest before the beginning of the lesson. If the student wishes to reschedule a private class, he/she will have to inform the school at the latest 24 hours before the start of the class by mail to hello@languageteams.com .



    The parties have an interest that the classes take place in an efficient manner. It goes without saying that the students and the teachers are treated with mutual respect. The school has the right to consider a agreement as dissolved in the case of a student that doesn't scrupulously respect the provisions of the rules of procedure. The registration fee (already paid or still due), as noted in Art 2, will then be returned to the school as a termination payment.

    Art 9: Final Clauses

    Language Teams’ general terms are governed by the Belgian government. In the case of a dispute concerning the provisions of these terms, the Courts of the judicial district of Brussels shall be appointed to resolve the dispute.


    The dissolution of a clause in these Terms & Conditions do not in any way imply the dissolution of these terms. In this case, the parties must ensure that the clause is replaced by a valid clause, which within the legal limits, has the same effect as that which has been declared null and void.

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    Wat onze studenten zeggen